Indulge me

Dream a warm summer evening; the sultry heat is stroking your skin. You are lounging on the rooftop bar of a luxurious hotel, designed in a perfect fusion of Hollywood retro glamour and modern art. You are nipping on your ice-cold drink to cool off when a statuesque, beautiful lady with a devious smile walks into the room and captivates it. Everybody’s turning their heads but she’s walks towards target you.

„Hello stranger. I’m so excited that we meet.“
A blend of modern bond girl and companion in crime. Who creates a deeper connection from the very first instant as if you would have known each other and still leaves you longing for the unforeseen twist. That kind of woman whose sensual lips promise you a night rich in passion, laughter and relief. An experience you could never tell anyone about, but one that draws a smile upon your face every time you remember.

Let`s make memories….

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