Ask me

Do the photos on your website represent the real you?

YES! I have heard enough of the stories about what games some people play! My photos are all me and no photo in my gallery is older than 12 months. Some are taken with a professional photographer and a few are gently retouched…sorry I am a girl!  Most of them are taken with my professional camera during my monthly travels all around the world and are not retouched at all.

You look so good…how do you do it?

To take good care of my statuesque and wonderful, hourglass shaped body I work out in the gym or run daily. I also have strict dietary do’s and don’ts. So, this is the heaven that you will get.

I have never smoked nor done drugs and drink socially in moderate measure.

Mutual expectations

Please have a close look at my website and read it carefully to determine whether I am the one you are looking for and whom you feel attracted to. 

I`ll also read your enquiry attentively to decide if we’re compatible and will absolutely enjoy our time together.

I don’t smoke and drink socially in a moderate measure, I refrain from drug abuse; I value my health and beauty. So, should you.

A respectful approach and attitude plus good manners and thorough hygiene/grooming are required and set the basis for both of us having fun.

To ensure the seriousness of your enquiry I need your real phone number, name, and address or link to your LinkedIn business profile or p411 profile. Trust me I treat all information with strictest confidence.

I encourage you to use my contact form. Makes it easier for both of us.

I can meet you at your residence or an upscale hotel.

I particular enjoy longer appointments…you will see why. That said, encounters of 3 hours or longer need to include some social time.  With overnights, you’ll experience me at my best, but you will need to allow me the wish of some uninterrupted sleep for a couple hours.

Do I like being reviewed?

Actually, I appreciate a discrete recommendation, but I am not a fan of numerous nor detailed reviews. 

I treat your personal details with outmost discretion. In return I like the equal right afforded to me. A gentleman should never kiss and tell. Let’s save our private moments for us.

Every human connection is unique and cannot be scaled.

Do you have a favourite drink or cuisine?

I love Rosé Champagne as well as all spicy foods, I am a spicy girl! I enjoy Asian, Seafood, Indian and French as well as fancy locations that offer healthy low carb/fat options. I am always intrigued by discovering new places; you never run out of those in London. In the mornings, if you survive, I enjoy a cappuccino, a herbal tea, a smoothie or still water.

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